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these be? Certainly, whomever is my client at the time has a huge influence on me. But creatively, I suppose I am slightly starved for community. Is it possible to be so hungry for so long that you no longer notice how hungry you are? Because I am mostly an introvert, and because the extrovert part of me gets its fill from my family, I don’t often feel that need for connection in the deepest sense. And because I work so much (like 60-80 hours a week), I don’t have a lot of time to notice how little time I am spending with fellow creatives.

I’m going to surmise that I am in fact starving for creative community. When I lived in Vancouver, I was going out very regularly to meet with others. I went to a hand-lettering meet-up every other Friday. I ran into fellow creatives all the time in the neighbourhood where I had my studio. I met a few times a month with friends, colleagues or clients on a casual basis. I went to gallery shows. The city was good for that. Without even needing to be deliberate, my creativity had a social life. My creativity does not have much social life today. And I wonder why I feel so creatively blocked lately.

What can I do about this? I suppose I can make it down to the city more often. I could also start more local meet-ups and meet creatives in my neck of the woods. Conferences, although expensive, are also great ways to rub shoulders and catch creative influences. Going to Brand New in New York in September was definitely revitalizing. I am looking very forward to going to ICON 9 this July. But between my online-only community and these once-a-year conferences, I need to find more regular camaraderie. 

My next question, perhaps for another post, is how creative hunger and cre

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